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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ Neighborhood News ~
At the HOA's request, the city of Moore's public works department is repairing the streets in Apple Valley.  Please use caution as they complete their work.
***   ***
Please ALL residents be vigilant and watch your home and your neighbors homes for suspicious activity.

~ Maintenance Update ~
While you are out enjoying our beautiful community, keep an eye out for any problems that need to be addressed with the neighborhood.  If you see:
   •   a streetlight that needs to be repaired, please report it to OG & E at 405-272-9741,
   •   a pothole that needs filled, please call the City of Moore at 405-793-5000, or
   •   a maintenance issue with the common space areas (mowing, landscaping lights, etc.)  let us know through the website.
Additionally, please note that the park and splash pad belong to the City of Moore - any issues or questions regarding the park or splash pad should be directed to the Parks and Recreation Department at the City of Moore at 405-793-5000. The City of Moore has an online 'Request / Complaint' form that may be submitted regarding issues within our community.  A link to this form may be found under 'Community Links' on our website.

Thanks for all your help in keeping our neighborhood beautiful.

~ Roof Replacements ~
We know many of our neighbors have had roof damage.  We encourage replacing your damaged roofs, if necessary.  We also remind you that you are responsible for submitting an Architectural Request Form before your roof is replaced.  If you have had your roof replaced but did not submit a request, please do so immediately.
**All new roofs must match previous shingle quality and color**

~ Architectural Request Form ~
Anything done to the outside of your home that will change it's appearance requires an approval from the Architectural Committee. 

Click here for the Architectural Request Form.

~ Title and Mortgage ~
Company Information
***      Attention Title and Mortgage Companies:
If you are needing a letter from the HOA to close on a property, please click on the "property management" button on the left side of this site. Learia Group will take care of this for you. Thank You




~ Yard of the Month ~

~ June ~

608 Apple Tree Lane

~ July ~

638 Meadowland

~ August ~

332 SW 39th Street

~ September ~

720 Manhattan Drive



4504 Baldwin Avenue

317 SW 39th Street



If you have a neighbor that has a GREAT looking yard, and want to nominate them for "Yard of the Month", please click on ----> The HOA Board , to email us!


~ Lost/Found Pets ~
Please be a respectful pet owner and follow the City of Moore ordinance (Part 4, Chapter 1, Article A, Section 4-103) which specifically states the 'owner, keeper or person having control of the animal' must carry a means to remove solid pet waste.  We have had numerous complaints of 'droppings' left in front yards.  Pet walkers, please respect your neighbors!!!  Additionally the city requires that all pets be on a leash it is a city ordinance.
If you have any information on pets that have been found or lost, please click on HOA BOARD to contact us, so that we may reunite owner and pet. Thanks!

~ Community Information ~
The speed limit in ALL of the Apples is 25 MPH. There are many children living in the neighborhoods, please follow the posted speed limits.  This also includes Central Park Drive.
Please be aware that soliciting in the City of Moore, without a permit, is illegal.
If a solicitor comes to your door, ask to see their permit.  A solictor should have their permit visibly attached to their clothing, like an identification card.  If they do not have a permit and they want to come inside your home, do not let them in and call the police immediately.
Solicitors with permits know that they can only solicite during daytime hours.  We have received reports of solicitors in our neighborhood attempting to sell vacuums or other items and asking permission to do in-home demonstrations.  Moore police have advised us that these solicitors are often looking for an opportunity to "scope out"  homes in preparation for a burglary.  Do not allow anyone you do not know into your home.

~ Create a Profile ~

Every homeowner should create a login on Creating a profile allows us to serve you better and gives you full access to our website. Please encourage your neighbors to get on-line!




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